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Health Benefits of Fasting

Millions Muslims around the globe are now fasting during this month of Ramadan (for 29-30 days during the month of Ramadan, they will refrain from eating and drinking from dawn till sunset, plus two days a week voluntary fasting). The practice of detoxifying the body to rid it of unhealthy toxins has been around for centuries. Hippocrates recommended fasting to improve health, and many religious groups have historically used fasting as a way of purifying the spirit.

In Islam, fasting is only obligated on Muslims who have reached puberty, are sane and are healthy. So children who have not reached puberty are exempt, but are encouraged to fast some days, or a portion of a day, to train them for when they are obliged to fast. The temporarily sick who have a sickness that may extend a few days, where fasting may severely affect them or prolong their recovery are not obliged to fast but must make up the days after Ramadan. The chronically ill and elderly, pregnant & breastfeeding women, for example those with diabetes, are not obliged to fast, but should feed a needy or poor person for each day they miss.

Today, I'm gonna talk about the health side, the health benefits of fasting. There are tremendous health benefits of fasting. Modern scientists and doctors are just finding more and more facts about the health benefits of fasting.

Here are some of the health benefits of fasting:
  1. Fasting promotes detoxification. As the body breaks down its fat reserves, it mobilizes and eliminates stored toxins.
  2. Fasting gives the digestive system a much-needed rest. After fasting, both digestion and elimination are invigorated.
  3. Fasting promotes the resolution of inflammatory processes, such as in rheumatoid arthritis.
  4. Fasting quiets allergic reactions, including asthma and hay fever.
  5. Fasting promotes the drying up of abnormal fluid accumulations, such as edema in the ankles and legs and swelling in the abdomen.
  6. Fasting corrects high blood pressure without drugs. Fasting will normalize blood pressure in the vast majority of cases, the blood pressure will remain low after the fast, if the person follows a health-supporting diet and lifestyle.
  7. Fasting makes it easy to overcome bad habits and addictions. Many people have overcome tobacco and alcohol addictions by fasting, and even drug addictions. Fasting rapidly dissipates the craving for nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and other drugs.
  8. Fasting clears the skin and whitens the eyes. It is common to see skin eruptions clear while fasting, and the whites of the eyes never look so clear and bright as they do after fasting.
  9. Fasting restores taste appreciation for wholesome natural foods. People say that their taste buds come alive after fasting and that food never tasted so good.
  10. Fasting is the perfect gateway to a healthful diet and lifestyle. Going on a fast gives you the motivation and enthusiasm to make a fresh start.
  11. Fasting initiates rapid weight loss with little or no hunger. Most people are surprised at how little desire for food they have while fasting.

You can read more about the health benefits of fasting below as well:

If you have kids or know some kids that might be benefit from it, I would like to share this Kids Ramadan Fun Pack by my friend, Peter Gould, an Australian graphic designer, photographer & digital artist (whom by the way visited Indonesia on this past February & purchased some Sweet Batik products).

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Happy Ramadan to the Muslim Ummah around the globe...


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