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Pekan Produk Kreatif Indonesia 2011

This is where we had to stand to give the presentation

Thanks to Female Daily, we're invited to this awesome event, called Pekan Produk Kreatif Indonesia (Indonesia Creative Product Week) 2011, who was held by the Indonesian government and facilitated by Indonesia Kreatif with the theme called "Creativepreneuer Collaboration for Independent Indonesia", and we specifically invited to attend Business Connect (for Fashion & Handcraft).

What we did basically in front of panelists, we did presentation about our company profile. Our panelists at that time was Diana Rikasari (a famous fashion blogger), Diaz Parzada (from Femina Magazine), Dondi Hananto, and Hanzky (from Female Daily).

Another biz owner was doing the presentation here

They also provided us a table to display our products. This event was held from 9.30am until late at night. We stayed there until 9.30pm. They also provided us with lunch & snacks.

The Cendrawasih Room 3 where we had the event

The event was ended with a show, included concert by Jamaica Cafe (an Indonesian acapella group) & a very good & inspiring talkshow by the Mari Elka Pangestu (Indonesian Trade Minister /Menteri Perdagangan), Joko Widodo (Solo City Major) whom I really admired for what he did for Solo and its people & you should read more about him here, IB Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra (Denpasar Bali City Major), and Djoko Kirmanto (Indonesian Public Works Minister/ Menteri Pekerjaan Umum) & Creative Communties leaders from cities such as Bandung, etc.

Besides us, among the business owners that was invited to this Business Connect event was Lazuli Sarae, Brodo Footware, Baby Feits (sells kids tees made mostly from organic cotton), Flats for Jade, La Spina Shoes, Paperpleased, and Retail Theraphy.

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