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Swap Books for Schools

Note: to be honest, I'm not sure if it's gonna work in Indonesia, since they always "change" books at school yearly. I remember back then I was still in school, it was normal to use hand-me-down books. But at least this can be a great idea instead of throwing those books, they can donate to the schools or Taman Baca Anak (small independent libraries for kids) in smaller villages through out Indonesia...

Online Swap Site Provides Books for Schools

In most parts of the world, schools are struggling to provide students with up-to-date textbooks that are in good, readable condition. During these difficult economic times, school budgets have been cut, libraries are out of date, and teachers usually have to resort to buying their own classroom books and other resources.

Swap.com, an online community with over a million members, has been helping people trade their books, movies, games, and music for similar items in a safe, affordable format.

The Swap team knew that this wildly-successful experiment in community and sharing could be put to use to help organizations in need, especially those that needed books, but they just didn’t know how to make it happen. Until now.

Swap4Schools is an initiative designed to match swappers’ “Haves” with schools’ “Wants.”

How It Works:

  • Find a school you would like to donate to and browse their Want list, or start adding items to your Have list and see if your item is on a school Want list
  • Once you choose to donate an item, you will be given all of the mailing instructions and have the option to print a shipping label at home (average cost is $3.20)
  • Simply mail or drop off your item to the school you agreed to donate to
  • Swap.com will waive the swap transaction fee for every item you donate

Ready to start swapping your stuff to schools in need?

Sign up with a personal account, invite your school’s principal or teacher to enroll, or, if you are an educator, sign up your school or class and start building your Want list.


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