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Business Card-Hang Tag Duo

We're currently designing our business card & we'd love to hear your feedback/comment. Thank you so much in advance!

{front side}

{back side} as a mini catalog & hang tag

The idea is that we don't really want the customers just throwing the hang tag once the they took it of from its product. So we use the back side of our business card as a mini catalog as well as a hang tag. And the front side as a business card which the customer can save it for future reference. The upper middle part (between the words "code" and "price" can be punch with a hole punch when we need it to be a hang tag.

In near future, we will make jewelry and might need jewelry tag as well. But I think this Business Card-Hang Tag Duo, will the the job just fine for most of our products.

Please let us know what you think this duo card or if you have any ideas for the jewelry tag. Thank you..


  1. Hi! I saw you on DID...I love your products! The business card is beautiful. There only two things I would change. I think the logo should be larger at the top so that it takes up most of the space that is now blue around it. Afterall, it is the logo. The only other thing is the verbage "fair trade wages". Can you get it on one line? It took me a couple of reads to "get" it. Best of luck to you!! I'm following and can't wait to see what else you do!
    Much love,
    Julie from JulieElizabethHandcrafted.blogspot.com

  2. @ Fitria: Terima kasih atas komplimentnya..

    @ Julie: Thank you so much for your feedback. Your products are also lovely, Julie. Your son is so adorable!


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