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Toxic in Disposable Menstruation Pads

Women Menstrual Cloth Pads are better for the environment, easy on your wallet, and so much more comfortable than paper and plastic pads. No more sweaty, itchy, rash, chafing paper and plastic pads! They are free from Bleach, Dioxin and Furan, one of the causes of cervical cancer such as that contained in a disposable menstruation pad.

If you menstruate for 33 years (age 12-45) and you use about 20-25 pads per cycle, you will throw away 8,000-10,000 pads! That's a lot of trash - and a lot of money and resources in the landfills. Cloth pads require only an extra small load of laundry or two each month and can last 5-7 years or more. Compare a dozen reusable menstrual pads to the mountain of tampons or disposables necessary for 5-7 years!

Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is still a risk for anyone using tampons. The risk is much higher with disposable products. This is why they are required to warn you on the label and on the instruction sheet inside the box. Experts agree that TSS is under-reported, despite the fact that all states are required to report all cases.

Despite the bleached white appearance, tampons and pads are not sterile. They are not sterilized - no disposable menstrual products are sterile. The FDA does not require disposable menstrual pad users to list the ingredients on the label so you do not know exactly what chemicals are being placed against your sensitive and absorbant tissues for several days each month.

Now, menstrual cloth pads are easier to get (mostly online) in Indonesia. Whether is imported like from US or made in Indonesia.


  1. I had no idea about this!! You know so much! I love that you are very environmentally conscious! I like to be environmental as well, but it sometimes require more work and money, but in this case, this seems bargain. Just like cloth diapers. :)

  2. @ Kaho: I just started gradually, because it's not easy sometimes to change all the sudden. Yes, these just like cloth diapers. I used cloth diapers for both my kids.


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